Performing Arts Programs

We believe that the fine and performing arts are important parts of the curriculum. Even if the majority of our students don’t go on to become professional artists, musicians, or actors, we’re confident that their exposure to the arts under our care opens their minds to the beauty our world has to offer—something that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Platteview Central Bands

Platteview Central has a seventh grade and an eighth grade band. The bands practice at different times during the school day. Most of the year, the two bands will perform separately at evening concerts and even join forces from time to time. Platteview Central also has a jazz band each year, featuring our finest jazz musicians.

For more information, please email Alex Steinke or Kevin Thoendel or call (402) 339-5052.

Jazz Band

The Platteview Central (PC) Jazz Band is comprised of seventh and eighth grade musicians excited to learn to play in a variety of traditional and modern jazz, including swing, Latin, funk, rock, and other pop styles. The group will rehearse several days a week after school, and will participate in several adjudicated jazz festivals as well as school concerts throughout the year. Auditions for the PC Jazz Band take place in the fall, and you can find more information on the SPCS BANDS website

Platteview Central Choir

Platteview Central offers choir at the 7th and 8th grade levels. In grade 7, the boys and girls practice separately every other day. In grade 8, the boys and girls practice together every other day. Both choirs come together to perform at concerts.

For more information, please email Morgan Kroll or call (402) 339-5052.