Administrative Forms  
Student / Parent Handbook 6/14/2017

Please review the Student / Parent Handbook.  After completing the review, please sign and date the signature page found below and return it to the office at Platteview Central.  * NO SIGNATURES REQUIRED.

Handbook Signature Page 6/14/2017

A parent and student signature is required.  This signature page is available for parents electronically through the Student Verification Process. At this time, the student signature page is not available electronically.   * ELECTRONIC PARENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED.  ** STUDENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED (PAPER COPY)

1:1 iPad Policy and General Information 6/14/2017

This is our District iPad Policy 6800 (Click Here to Read) that outlines and details the general rules, policies and procudures that we expect students, parents, teachers and staff members to follow.  Please be familiar with this policy prior to signing the iPad User Agreement (Student and Parent Forms).  NO SIGNATURE(S) REQUIRED.

iPad Agreement and Fee 6/14/2017

This form is required for iPad use purposes.  This consent form with signature will be filled out electronically with the Student Verification Process from our District Office.  The requisite fee is due to the Platteview Central office on August 7 or 8 when you come get your student iPad.  * ELECTRONIC PARENT SIGNATURE AND FEE IS REQUIRED.

iPad User Agreement - Parent Form 6/14/2017

This form is for parents who are required to sign off on our acceptable use iPad user guidelines.  This form will be provided as part of the Student Verification Process sent by our District Office.  * ELECTRONIC PARENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

iPad User Agreement - Student Form 6/14/2017

This form is for students who are required to sign off on our acceptable use iPad user guidelines.  This form is not currently a part of the Student Verification process.  Please print and bring this form to the iPad Rollout with proper student signature.  *STUDENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED (PAPER COPY)

Consent to Publish Form 6/14/2017

This form is required so that our school (and district) may publish articles or photos about the success of your student while he/she attends Platteview Central Junior High.  This form will be signed as part of the Student Verification Process sent by our District Office.  * ELECTRONIC PARENT SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED.

Health Forms 6/14/2017

To access the health related forms that are required at Platteview Central, please CLICK HERE to take you to the District's Health Services page. All new students (including ALL 7th graders) are required to have a physical on file.  Any returning student who intends to play a sport at Platteview Central must also have a physical on file.  If your student has an Asthma Action Plan or is in need of medications at school, please use the above link to find and access those documents as well.


Free / Reduced Lunch Letter 7/13/2017

Free / Reduced Lunch Application 6/14/2017

If you are in need of an application for Free and Reduced Lunch for the upcoming school year, fill out this form provided by our District Office with the Student Verification Process.  * THIS FORM IS VOLUNTARY BASED ON EACH FAMILY'S NEED.

T-Shirt and Hoodie Order Form 7/7/2017

Use this form to view and print the order form for a Platteview Central T-Shirt or Hoodie.  A picture of the T-Shirt and Hoodie design is on page 2 of this form.  THIS FORM AND PURCHASE IS VOLUNTARY.

Master Schedule 7/20/2017

This is informational only.  There is no action required.

Transportation Information 6/14/2017

This form is necessary if your student requires transportation assistance to and/or from school.  Please fill out this page as part of the Student Verification Process sent from District Office.  THIS FORM IS VOLUNTARY DEPENDING ON FAMILY NEEDS FOR TRANSPORTATION.

Eclipse Opt Out Letter 7/20/2017

This letter is for informational purposes only.  In order for your student to opt out of this activity, you simply need to call the office to let Tren or Billie Jo know that your student will not be participating.  It is our sincerest hope that he/she will be available and willing to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity.  THIS LETTER IS INFORMATIONAL ONLY - NO IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED.

Eclipse Signature Page 8/2/2017

Parents will be expected to sign this eclipse page approving (or not approving) of their student's participation and viewing of the eclipse prior to attendance on August 21st at the Koehler farm south of Tecumseh.  * PARENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED